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October 2016: Third World America and the USA's Once and Future Investment Class

We've been defining the USA as a new Third World Country since 2003. Thirteen years. The United States is the only major country in modern times to have first achieved broad middle-class economic status post-WWII and then after 25 years began to lose it and during the next 25 years actually did. Threw it away by making bad public decisions.

Younger generations of Americans do not remember this prosperous America of the 50s 60s and 70s and cannot relate to it. They remember the Nasdaq 5000 crash of year 2000, 9/11. and the 2008 housing crash and commodities crash. They've been scrambling ever since.

We remember what 2008 did to banking commodities real estate steel industrials mining commodities and the infrastructure but younger Americans have no clue or compass about any of this and why it matters or that it will improve. It has been their daily reality so unless they read history, this 2008 reality and the New American Poverty that those years ushered in, is all there has ever been.

This is particularly so of the 18-30 age group and also of the Millennials, that group who came of age about the year 2000 and now in their early-middle working years. Market research reports that fewer than 10% of millennials feel that their financial situation is good, very good, or even "OK".

As a result, very few younger Americans are investing in equities. They don't know how. They are afraid of "the stock market".

And most believe they don't have enough money to get started investing
Meanwhile, investment opportunities abound and our very select Market Witch stocks are set to rise in value amid equities markets that although at record levels now, are set to go much higher
So this month, in our Traditional Investment Skills section, we're addressing the Millennials. Our message in a nutshell: it's possible to get off the hamster wheel.

If you're already a long-time Market Witch reader and a successful investor, you'll find many important things to think about as well as our Big-Picture list of the world's best Investment-grade stocks.

Now let's look at some stocks.

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